Pier Tours was started in the year 2021 after the Covid pandemic. This tour agency was founded by Mr Kejaroko Pieru in a small town of Northeast India called Kohima, the capital city of Nagaland. He has co-owned a reputed travel company for the past 10 years. With incredible passion and dedication, and years of learning about the travel industry, especially of North East India, he started Pier Tours with the enthusiasm that one day the travel industry would boom again. Since its inception Pier Tours has started operating tours in the far-flung areas of Nagaland and North East India. Beyond concentrating on the north-eastern regions, Pier Tours has started giving outbound services for the local people and also gives consultancy services for Passport and Visa, Online Ticketing, Tour Packages for those interested to travel overseas.


To offer unique experiences at affordable prices to our clients and to benefit the local communities in the tourist destinations by operating our travel business in an environmentally responsible, and sustainable way. We promote homestays and community-based tourism. We also adhere to the local community regulations and guidelines and ethical code of conduct.


North East India is a very different part of India with most of the regions hilly with rugged mountains and deep river valley, from the foothills of the Himalayas to the seashores of the Bay of Bengal. As such, travelling to North East India can be often complex and requires careful and detailed planning. What makes Pier Tours different is our connection and collaboration with our extensive network of supplier and partners in local destinations. We are able to offer amazing experiences for each trips our customer takes. We continue to build relationships and friendships with the local people in this unexplored region of diverse cultures and histories and we continue to share and expand these friendships to our clients.